It is a GLOBAL SOLUTION that the Torrecid Group offers to the ceramics and glass industry that can be used to work with every digital printing machine.


PIGMENTED INKS // The Torrecid Group is the first company in world bringing solutions to the ceramic industry and in the sales of pigmented inks by offering to its customers the best chromatic range, reliability and regularity for every inkjet system available in market. Unlimited aesthetic possibilities offered by the Inkcid solution are based on the most comprehensive range of inks: Cyan, Cobalt, Magenta, Brown, Pink, Yellow Gold, Lemon Yellow, Beige, Black and special inks such as Metalcid and Keramcid.


EXPERIENCIE // The Torrecid Group has been more than 15 years in continuous researching, developing and implementing the inkjet technology, achieving excellent results and creating a new world of possibilities in ceramics.

  • Leaders in innovation and development of pigmented inks.
  • Pioneers in Digital Decoration.
  • Largest producer and No. 1 in sales of pigmented inks all over the world.

TRENDS // The Torrecid Group by continuing with its innovative character goes beyond the world of ceramic decoration and design by creating new trends for ceramics industry  that make dreams come true.

New spaces and areas where the ceramic has all the importance that until now was impossible to achieve in the world of architecture.