Torrecid developed ECOINK-CID®, is the first production solution to glaze and decorate water-based ceramic coatings in a full digital process.
Torrecid consolidates global leadership in the Full Digital decoration, glazed 100% digital, with the start up of large format digital plants, thin thickness and even completely translucent body in order to bring new solutions to ceramic industry. In addition, the incorporation of digital printing with solid materials increase the range of options creating products of innumerable aesthetic value.
The development of new digital products such as luster for single firing, metallic ink, digital glue (gluCID)…. together with technological advances, became real the diversification of digital effects creating new solutions and competitive advantages to our customers.

The Torrecid Group was awarded during the Cevisama 2013 Exhibition with the Alfa de Oro 2013 award granted by the Spanish Society of Ceramics and Glass by a new set of innovative digital solutions that empower the generation of new future trends in the ceramic industry.The systems D.C-CID, T.M-CID, SMART-CID and DECAL-CID consist respectively in digital injection glazes for high definition; digital injection enamels for high grammages; inks for digital decoration in glazed surfaces ceramics and digital decals for decorating ceramic objects.


The Torrecid Group has been awarded with the “Alfa de Oro 2012” by the Spanish Ceramic and Glass Association for its innovation in the development of METALCID and KERAMCID ceramic inks, that allow to produce special or metalized ceramic effects for third firing and obtaining exclusive decorated tiles.With this new innovation brought to the market, the Torrecid Group expands its range of products and strengthens its global leadership in digital inkjet pigmented inks.


the Torrecid Group consolidated its leadership by opening a new plant and high technology laboratories for the development and manufacturing of pigmented inks for digital inkjet decoration.INKCID became established in the market as the best option for digital inkjet decoration of glass and ceramic tiles. It was adopted by customers all around the world and ousted the traditional decoration systems.

In 2005 the Torrecid Group was awarded with the “Alfa de Oro 2005” by the Spanish Ceramic and Glass Association for INKCID inks for digital inkjet decoration.
The Torrecid Group brought INKCID onto the market, the definitive solution for digital inkjet decoration of ceramic tiles by using pigmented inks.
Failed attempts in the ceramics industry to implement the digital inkjet decoration technology by using soluble inks with the systems DOD (drop on demand) and CIJ (continuous inkjet) systems.