The INKCID solution is the best option for digital decoration of ceramics and glass whereby it is possible to get competitive, differentiated and high added valued products, bringing customers the best competitive advantages.

The global implementation of the INKCID solution is occurring exponentially over recent years, being the decorative option most chosen by ceramic companies worldwide, which are reaping major commercial successes with the products they develop.

Inkjet inks - Inkcid

The inkjet inks INKCID are manufactured with the most sophisticated production and control systems. Our exclusive R&D department optimizes the quality of the inks to provide the best performance and the highest yield among other digital printing systems.

Pioneers in Digital Decoration. Largest producer and No. 1 in sales of pigmented inks all over the world. Leaders in innovation and development of inks.

Innovation awards

  • Alfa de Oro 2005: Inkcid
  • Alfa de Oro 2012: Keramcid and Metalcid inks
  • Alfa de Oro 2013: DGCID, TMCID, SMARTCID and DECALCID inks
  • Alfa de Oro 2018:ECOINKCID

The best chromatic range of inks at our customer´s service:

  • Total consistency in the manufacture of inks to provide a single tone during production.
  • 100% reliable behaviour during the printing process.
  • The longest expiry date in market:

    8 months from the production.
    2/3 months inside the printing machine.
  • Full compatibility with the components of the printing machines.
    Extensive controls for inks-printing machine compatibility.
  • The inks do not attack the different components of the printing machine with which they are in contact.
    Inks and cleaning solutions are adapted to the printing machines.
  • Maximum efficency for palletizing and storage.
    Maximum safety for transportation and handling.


In addition to traditional glazes, the Torrecid Group has developed enamels and specific additives for the INKCID solution. These innovations enable our customers to achieve greater levels of color intensity , reduced costs and increased quality of production.

Special glazes for high performance ink (consumption reduction).

Glazes and applications for all types of products:

  • Soft effects (lappattos)
  • Polished pips
  • Print on cooked piece
Wall tile single firing 1125º up to 1135º
Floor tile single firing 1145º up to 1155º
Porcellain stone ware 1175º up to 1225º
Glass 580º up to 700º
Third firing 700º up to 1000º
Double fast firing 1050º up to 1080º


The Torrecid Group offers specialized Technical Assistance in INKS, ENAMELS and ENGINEERING to ensure a perfect collaboration, provide greater value added and achieve the full customer's satisfaction.

This comprehensive service is performed in a personalized way to provide appropriate solutions adapted to every costumer's market. Our direct presence in over 24 countries around the world with costumers in more than 100 allow us to work in close collaboration with our customers and provide them with training and qualified assistance.

Always close to the client


The technological development of the INKCID solution allows new and unique designs with better definition of details, colors, decorations and aesthetic possibilities to generate new trends.
The INKCID solution brings the next benefits in product design:
  • Reduction of time required in the realization of a new design.
  • Less time spent on the development and optimization of any color in the design.
  • Significant economic savings in costs for product developing.
  • Faster design adjustments in production.
La solución INKCID permite:
  • Full customization in designs to print.
  • Possibility of large size tiles and variety of different pieces.
  • Optimization of the working method.
  • Reproduction of images from digital camera or scanner.
  • Graphic innovation.

In complementary with the rest of advantages of the INKCID solution, Torrecid group increases the added value offered to customers with this solution by:

Unlimited resources for creating products of Trend: Showrooms / Stand fairs / digital equipment ...

Equipment and facilities to develop digital printing products worldwide.

Training and technical assistance to customers.


We collaborate with the most important machinery companies with the aim to achieve the most complete service to our customer:


Pioneer in digital decoration, Leaders in innovation and development of inks, Largest producer and ink sales worldwide.